A rose by any other name…

Would not smell as sweet if it were called: Stench Blossom.

But seriously folks, I have changed the name of the website to….


Make sure to update your bookmarks! The transition is not quite complete yet so ceruleanswivel is still hanging on but, just a heads up! The site will redirect…er…eventually.

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News for November 4th 2010

Micro-updated the about and contact page! Exciting stuff. Very extremely so. Working on getting up some super metroid trasncriptions up with a new page… In order to do this, I need to get up off of my butt, and sit back down on my butt and get this stuff together. It’s complicated.

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Hi! Welcome to Sonic Foliage! :) Thank you for stopping by, but the site is still under relatively massive amounts of construction. Please check back soon though! This site will feature some of my work as an artist and musician, plus the side quest series: Things centered around video games, music transcriptions, reviews, news and travel blogging, photography, writing, humor and all sorts of good stuff! Keep me in mind and make sure to bookmark this page if you’re looking for a freelancer to work with in terms of open source projects centered around art, music, writing, video games and linux!

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